開催日 発表者 文献 [著者(年):タイトル.雑誌]
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5月17日 Naomi Harada Characteristics of biological production in the western subarctic North Pacific shown by the decadal settling particles. 研究紹介
5月17日 Shiono Miki 長寿二枚貝ビノスガイの貝殻成長線解析と酸素同位体比分析による高時間解像度古気候復元
High temporal resolution paleoclimate reconstruction by growth patterns and stable oxygen isotope analysis of shells of long-lived bivalve Mercenaria stimpsoni
6th International Sclerochronology Conference 2023, SESSION 2, Climate: Past, Present and Future (Poster) 24th, May 2023.
5月10日 Shigeyoshi Otosaka Baker, Chelsey A., Margaret L. Estapa,
Morten Iversen, Richard Lampitt and Ken Buesseler (2020): Are all sediment traps created equal? An intercomparison study of carbon export methodologies at the PAP-SO site. Progress in Oceanography, 184, 102317, doi: 10.1016/j.pocean.2020.102317
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4月26日 Yoko Ishiyama JpGU2023 投稿セッション:M-AG34「ラジオアイソトープ移行:福島原発事故環境動態研究の新展開」
4月19日 Hajime Obata Hoffman, Colleen L., Collin S. Schladweiler, Nicholas C. A. Seaton, Sarah L. Nicholas, Jessica N. Fitzsimmons, Robert M. Sherrell, Christopher R. German, Phoebe J. Lam and Brandy M. Toner (2020): Diagnostic morphology and solid-state chemical speciation of hydrothermally derived particulate Fe in a long-range dispersing plume. ACS Earth and Space Chemistry, 4, 1831–1842, doi: 10.1021/acsearthspacechem.0c00067
4月19日 Toshikazu Furuya Furuya, Toshikazu : 白亜紀中期セノマニアン/チューロニアン境界,および白亜紀後期サントニアン期,カンパニアン期の有機物堆積
4月12日 Kanna Naoya Schmidt, Katja, Sophie A.L. Paul and Eric P. Achterberg (2022): Assessing the availability of trace metals including rare earth elements in deep ocean waters of the Clarion Clipperton Zone, NE Pacific: Application of an in situ DGT passive sampling method. TrAC Trends in Analytical Chemistry, 116657, doi: 10.1016/j.trac.2022.116657
4月12日 Taisei Takeuchi Takeuchi, Taisei : ビスマルク海堆積物を用いた2.6~8.2万年前の古気候復元


開催日 発表者 文献 [著者(年):タイトル.雑誌]
6月28日 Ryuji Hattori Araújo, Daniel F., Joël Knoery, Nicolas Briant, Emmanuel Ponzevera, Daniel Santos Mulholland, Sandrine Bruzac, Teddy Sireau, Tiphaine Chouvelon and Christophe Brach-Papa (2022): Cu and Zn stable isotopes in suspended particulate matter sub-fractions from the northern Bay of Biscay help identify biogenic and geogenic particle pools. Continental Shelf Research, 244, 104791, doi: 10.1016/j.csr.2022.104791
6月28日 Ryuji Hattori Araújo, Daniel F., Joël Knoery, Nicolas Briant, Emmanuel Ponzevera, Daniel Santos Mulholland, Sandrine Bruzac, Teddy Sireau, Tiphaine Chouvelon and Christophe Brach-Papa (2022): Cu and Zn stable isotopes in suspended particulate matter sub-fractions from the northern Bay of Biscay help identify biogenic and geogenic particle pools. Continental Shelf Research, 244, 104791, doi: 10.1016/j.csr.2022.104791
6月28日 Ryuji Hattori Araújo, Daniel F., Joël Knoery, Nicolas Briant, Emmanuel Ponzevera, Daniel Santos Mulholland, Sandrine Bruzac, Teddy Sireau, Tiphaine Chouvelon and Christophe Brach-Papa (2022): Cu and Zn stable isotopes in suspended particulate matter sub-fractions from the northern Bay of Biscay help identify biogenic and geogenic particle pools. Continental Shelf Research, 244, 104791, doi: 10.1016/j.csr.2022.104791
6月28日 Ryuji Hattori Araújo, Daniel F., Joël Knoery, Nicolas Briant, Emmanuel Ponzevera, Daniel Santos Mulholland, Sandrine Bruzac, Teddy Sireau, Tiphaine Chouvelon and Christophe Brach-Papa (2022): Cu and Zn stable isotopes in suspended particulate matter sub-fractions from the northern Bay of Biscay help identify biogenic and geogenic particle pools. Continental Shelf Research, 244, 104791, doi: 10.1016/j.csr.2022.104791
6月28日 Ryuji Hattori Araújo, Daniel F., Joël Knoery, Nicolas Briant, Emmanuel Ponzevera, Daniel Santos Mulholland, Sandrine Bruzac, Teddy Sireau, Tiphaine Chouvelon and Christophe Brach-Papa (2022): Cu and Zn stable isotopes in suspended particulate matter sub-fractions from the northern Bay of Biscay help identify biogenic and geogenic particle pools. Continental Shelf Research, 244, 104791, doi: 10.1016/j.csr.2022.104791
6月28日 Shiono Miki Araújo, Daniel F., Joël Knoery, Nicolas Briant, Emmanuel Ponzevera, Daniel Santos Mulholland, Sandrine Bruzac, Teddy Sireau, Tiphaine Chouvelon and Christophe Brach-Papa (2022): Cu and Zn stable isotopes in suspended particulate matter sub-fractions from the northern Bay of Biscay help identify biogenic and geogenic particle pools. Continental Shelf Research, 244, 104791, doi: 10.1016/j.csr.2022.104791
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開催日 発表者 文献 [著者(年):タイトル.雑誌]
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4月13日 Norihiro Narisue Narisue, Norihiro : 窒素架橋部にメチル基を有するNi(II)salen型錯体の熱特性の解析
4月13日 Mahiro Yumiba Yumiba, Mahiro : マイクロドリルを用いた炭酸塩試料の年解像度安定同位体分析


開催日 発表者 文献 [著者(年):タイトル.雑誌]
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