Research projects funded by JSPS Grants-in-Aid

  • Verification and quantification of export of organic carbon from coastal vegetated ecosystems to outer ocean and subsequent long-term sequestration (PI; Apr. 2018 – Mar. 2023)
  • Model & scenario analyses of the response of coastal ecosystems to industrial structural changes in the Republic of Palau (CI; Oct. 2021 – Mar. 2025)
  • Investigation on chemical mechanisms responsible for long-term carbon sequestration in sediment of shallow coastal vegetated habitats (PI; Apr. 2022 – Mar. 2026)
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Ongoing projects supported by other external funds

  • BlueCARES: Comprehensive assessment and conservation of Blue Carbon Ecosystems and their services in the Coral Triangle (JST-JICA SATREPS; CI; Apr. 2016 – Mar. 2023)
  • Development of technologies for evaluation of blue carbon and creation and enhancement of seagrass- and macroalga-dominated coastal habitats (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries; CI; Apr. 2020 – Mar. 2025)
  • Evaluation of Ecosystem Functions of Vegetated Coastal Habitats and Their Use for Environmental Restoration of Coastal Ecosystem and Reconstruction of Coral Reefs (Environment R&T Development Fund; PI; Apr. 2022 – Mar. 2025)

Collaborative research without external funding

  • Seagrass ecosystem survey in Otsuchi Bay, northern Japan
  • Isotope ecology of parasitic and kleptoplastic invertebrates
  • Roles of seagrass beds on oyster culture in the Philippines
  • Environment of mesophytic coral ecosystems in Iriomote Island
  • etc.

Last update: November 13, 2022